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w/ mattjlew

Conditional Design
19 Saturday July 2014
John Provencher & Matthew Lew

•• O F F E R ••

Player 1 puts a big yellow sticker on one node and places a red sticker dot on another node of the white template.

Player 2 then places a blue sticker dot on the node.

P1 uses a pink highlighter to connect the big yellow sticker to their red dot sticker. P2 then uses a blue highlighter to connect the big yellow sticker to their blue dot sticker. Each player takes turns connecting the big yellow sticker to their respective sticker.

The number of small dot stickers each player places is relative to the frame number of the sequence (Frame 5 has 5 red and 5 blue stickers, resulting in 10 lines).

The process repeats until the number of desired frame sequences is reached.


While we only had 22 frames, we quickly ran out of red and blue small dots, so P1 went from red to green and P2 went from blue to yellow.

Because there are only eight nodes on a regular cube, after frame 3, small dots were places on the line segments.

When more lines were drawn over the same paths, the fiber of the paper would weaken and rip the surface.

Creatively, the most interesting area of the animation is the numbers and how the highlighter colors brought the modest sequence to life.

Some dots were placed outside of the cube, simply to give the animation a spark in the midst of highly controlled conditional system.

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